A Channel 4 documentary called Dumped has filmed participants living on a landfill site and surviving on what they can scavenge from it.

The programme, due to start in September, aims to show viewers the extent of what is thrown away and trailers for the programme are already giving a taster of what it could be like to live next to piles of rubbish. Ten people lived on the dump for three weeks, only eating, wearing, sheltering in or using other people’s rubbish.

The programme makers have called it ‘the ultimate TV recycling challenge’ and said: “Dumped aims to highlight the huge amount of food, clothing and other goods needlessly thrown away in the UK. “Many people have never given a second thought to what they chuck out before and the project will bring them face to face with the reality of Britain’s rubbish mountains.”

Dumped was filmed at Viridor’s Beddington Lane recycling and landfill plant near Croydon in June 2007. Participants health and safety was carefully monitored throughout the project, and they were free to leave at any point.

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