Furniture Reuse Network demands more of Local Authorities

In a speech to Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Sustainable Consumption yesterday, Paul Smith, Chief Executive of the FRN, appealed to local authorities to change their processes.

He explains, “Some Councils have shown the way by introducing bulky re-use collections or setting up charity shops and workshops on civic amenity sites. We are calling upon all local authorities and their waste management partners to adopt this approach.”

Smith also called on the Government to introduce an environmental tax on these goods with the proceeds being used to support re-use and recycling, “The Government is looking at ways to reduce waste and the production of goods designed to have a short life from non-reusable materials is an environmental disaster. The FRN would like to see producer responsibility extended to these environmentally damaging goods with at least some of the revenue directed towards third sector re-use and recycling activities.”

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