Re-used items on eBay

The Furniture Re-use Network (FRN) has teamed up with MissionFish to sell collected items on eBay.

Many re-use charities find that bric-a-brac and other collectable items are simply left to gather dust in their warehouses. However, specialised items can now find new homes via eBay. eBay for Charity raises eleven thousand pounds every day and over 2,000 charities have benefited from the programme.

Nick Aldridge, CEO of MissionFish, said: “eBay for Charity is the perfect channel for turning in-kind donations into cash. I hope our partnership with FRN will show eBay for Charity’s potential for recycling and re-use charities.”

In the UK, there are four million families who cannot afford to replace worn out furniture. FRN helps those who are unable to furnish their homes, while also diverting useable items from landfill. By raising extra money through eBay, FRN will be able to continue its worthwhile operations.

Paul Smith, Chief Executive of FRN, commented: “We want these items to collect money rather than dust for our member groups. Hording these items in the hope that one day they will find a home is not re-use. This partnership can also bring knowledge of our members’ services to a wider on-line community.”

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