Panel to take a fresh look at managing Cornwall’s Waste

Cornwall Council is to set up a new waste development advisory panel to take a fresh look at the way Cornwall’s waste is managed.

Proposing the new panel at a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet, Julian German, the Cabinet member for Environment and Waste, said that finding more effective ways of managing waste was one of the key issues facing the new Council.

“Following the decision to refuse planning permission for a waste to energy plant in Mid Cornwall earlier this year, the Council needs to urgently reconsider the way it deals with waste management matters ” he said. “There is a considerable amount of uncertainty and confusion over the best way forward and the role of the new panel will be to look at all the options and ensure we provide the best possible service to residents in Cornwall.”

Councillors at today’s meeting were told that there were significant differences in the way waste was being managed across the county following the merger of the seven Councils into a new single Council.

“The creation of the new Council provides us with an important opportunity to look at the issue in a constructive and proactive way “ he said. “This issue has generated enormous concerns among the public about how we deal with our waste. We now need to move forward and I hope that the members of this panel will look at all options carefully and also take advantage of the opportunity to learn from best practice elsewhere in the country”.

“Everyone of us must play our part in minimising and reducing waste. Only 50% of households are currently recycling and it is Cornwall’s best interests that more and more people take part in recycling”.

The work of the new panel will include

  • Developing the Cornwall Municipal Waste Strategy
  • Considering proposals for improving operational practices and service delivery
  • Reviewing waste management practices in the rest of the country
  • Approving responses to Government consultation on emerging waste issues
  • Consulting on the development of the Cornwall Waste Development Framework

source: Cornwall Council

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