Council signs Cornish Declaration on climate change

Members of Cornwall Council have pledged their support for the Cornish Declaration on climate change and are calling on the Prime Minister to put pressure on world leaders at the Copenhagen climate summit in December to agree decisive measures to cut carbon emissions.

Councillors at today’s meeting of the full Council supported a motion to endorse the Cornish Declaration which calls on the Government to forge an agreement among all nations to keep the increase in temperature of the planet to below 2°C

The Declaration, which is being spearheaded by Truro Cathedral, encourages people and organisations in Cornwall to support action to ensure that Cornwall is part of a planet which lives within its means so that families and communities survive to freely enjoy the county and beauty of Cornwall.

This includes making specific pledges that strive to

  • restore the balance between nature and society
  • lead sustainable lives
  • leave positive footprints on the path to Copenhagen and into the future.

Proposing the motion Julian German, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Waste and Environment, said that the Cornish Declaration aimed to ensure that Cornwall’s voice is heard at Copenhagen.

“This motion, which is supported by all the political parties, sends out a clear signal of the Council’s commitment to tackling the crucial issue of climate change” he said. “This is a real issue which is facing not just Cornwall, but the wider society

“My ambition is to turn the concept of a green Cornwall into a reality and to do this we need to work together to take whatever action we can. Everyone can take their own small steps which will then build up to make real change.

“We need to send a strong message to the Government to make it clear that we expect them to be lobbying hard at Copenhagen”.

The meeting also discussed whether the Council should support the national 10 / 10 campaign which aims to reduce carbon reductions by 10% by the end of 2010.

Members felt that this was a very important campaign and it was agreed that the Council needed to consider the issue in greater detail. A report into the potential implications for the Council of adopting these targets will now be prepared and brought back to a future meeting so a final decision can be made.

“Climate change is a very important issue for this Council and for Cornwall” said Julian German. “We are already recognised as one of the leading areas in tackling climate change and we want to build on the work which is already being done.

“The Council signed up to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change in July and since then we have set out an ambitions blueprint for our green agenda which aims at mitigating the effects of climate change”.

Source: Cornwall Council

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