Councillors back waste, education and housing (in that order)

Education, social housing and waste collection and recycling services are the services most councillors believe should be priorities for investment, a survey has revealed.

According to research by pollsters ComRes, councillors are evenly split between education and social housing being the most important with both garnering 15 per cent of councillors choosing each one as the top priority for increased investment. However, waste collection and recycling services received the highest number of votes as one of the top three priorities, chosen by 38 per cent of councillors compared to education (36 per cent) and social housing (34 per cent).

The results came from ComRes’ first State of Local Government audit of more than 500 members in English and Welsh authorities. The survey also found councillors split over the effect the recession will have on their organisations, according to a new survey on the state of local government: 30 per cent believe their authority will emerge from the recession stronger; 25 per cent believe the crunch will leave theirs weaker; 40 per cent felt it would leave no lasting effect. Conservative members were the most optimistic with 36 per cent believing their authority will emerge stronger, compared to 22 per cent and 21per cent of Labour and Liberal Democrat councillors respectively.

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