Public thinks importance of charities will increase

More than three people in five think the role of charities will become more important over the next few years, according to a new survey from YouGov.

In March, the polling organisation surveyed 2,133 people who did not work in the voluntary sector. Sixty-two per cent of respondents said they believed charities would play a more important role in the UK in the next few years. Eight per cent of respondents said they expected to donate more money to charity in the next 12 months than they do at the moment, and 12 per cent said they would donate less. Sixty-six per cent said they expected their giving to remain unchanged.

YouGov also asked respondents whether they were aware of Gift Aid. Eighty-five per cent said they were, and 61 per cent said they had used it. Sixty-five per cent said they would support making Gift Aid an opt-out system, instead of the current opt-in.

Naomi Barber, a research manager at YouGov, said: “The sector will surely play an important role in the face of prospective public spending cuts. The issue is whether there will be sufficient levels of income for them to do so.”

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