Bottle deposit schemes could raise £432m

Controversial drink bottle deposit refund schemes could raise more than £432m for charities, according to new research.

According to a new Ipsos MORI survey commissioned by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), 12% of respondents said they would always donate refunded deposits from the scheme to charity. The CPRE’s initial 2010 report on the deposit refund schemes found more than half of respondents supported a 15p deposit on 500ml drinks bottles, which could generate 2.88 billion 15p donations to charity each year if 12% of the UK population regularly donated.

CPRE stop the drop campaign manager Samantha Harding said: “Sometimes the best ideas are old ideas. By introducing a modern deposit scheme, we could boost income for local charities, and save money by reducing litter and increasing recycling. We know it works in other countries and our research suggests many people would support a UK scheme.”

However, in a written answer in the House of Commons, Environment Minister Richard Benyon said: “Those consulted in the course of the review had divergent views on deposit return schemes, which ministers will need to weigh carefully before reaching a view.”


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